ZAR Overview

The ZAR Automatic Box Opener can open up to 900 boxes per hour using a sidelong cut.

Our new ZAR Automatic Box opener is idea for sidelong cuts and was chiefly created with flat boxes in mind (e.g. samples, Maxibriefs, etc.).

By implementing an additional device which turns the boxes 90°, two additional sidelong cuts can be made in order to completely dissemble the box into two pieces.

ZAR Automatic Box Opener

The ZAR Automatic Box Opener using the 90° turn option

Box Sizes

The ZAR Box Opening System can quickly and efficiently open a random series of unsorted boxes ranging from 160 x 140 x 50 mm (LxWxH) to 800 x 600 x 500 mm in size. It uses a blade to make a sidelong cut along the box without damaging the products within. The ZAR is capable of processing up to 900 boxes per hour.

ZAR Automatic Box Opener

Operating the ZAR Automatic Box Opener

Cost Savings

Since machines do not need breaks or begin to exhaust and slow down the longer they work, the ZAR box opener can work 3 times more quickly than a manual laborer. They are also not susceptible to injury caused by opening boxes manually.

The cost savings of our machine when compared to a manual human laborer come in at approx. 80%.

The 3 varieties of ZAR Automatic Box Openers


Model M is capable of processing boxes with a uniform width and height and with made the sidelong cut at the same height each time.

Das Modell M ist für eine einheitliche Breite und Höhe von Kartons geschaffen. Der seitliche Längsschnitt erfolgt immer auf dergleichen Höhe.


Model H is capable of processing boxes with a uniform width, though the height can vary. The sidelong cut can be adjusted to the varying heights of the boxes.

Beim Modell H ist die Breite der Kartons gleich, die Kartonhöhe kann variieren, und der seitliche Längsschnitt kann auf verschiedenen Höhen – je nach Kartonhöhe – erfolgen.


Model HW is capable of processing boxes that vary between the minimum and maximum processing measurements of the system. The box size with measured upon the receipt of each new box and the machine is adjusted for the correct width and height accordingly.

The ZAR Box Opener can be implemented within any sector that has a need for processing standardized boxes within its incoming/outgoing goods department. By fitting a ZAR system with movable blade heads and the appropriate sensors, it is also capable of processing non-standardized boxes. A perfect example would be within a chaotic returns processing chain. With this system, you can also process more delicate and sensitive goods, such as pharmaceuticals and high-end garments, worry-free.

ZAR Box Opening System in Operation

The ZAR Automatic Box Opener can be implemented in any sector that needs to process boxes by making a horizontal cut. ZAR is available in various models and can be combined with a turning device to further breakdown boxes. Please see the videos for examples of the following: The repackaging of pharma products, the shipping of telecommunications products, and implementation in the garment industry.

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