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The WIM Window Cut automatic box opener is capable of cutting a window into the side of the box for the goods to later be picked. The window can also be perforated should the window need to be removed later by hand (without tools). Even with the most chaotic of receiving lines, the WIN system can process up to 500 boxes / hour. This means it can outperform a manual laborer 5:1.

Using our patented PAM blade, WIM machines can cut or perforate windows at any desired cutting depth.




Karton mit Eingriff KopieWORK SAFETY

In comparison to manual laborers, machines do not require breaks and do not exhaust after long hours of work. They are also not susceptible to injury or illness and require no vacations or sick leave. The danger of damaging goods by cutting too deeply is also eliminated.


The cartons are individually transported in a chaotic mess down a conveyor system and delivered directly to the WIM system. The cartons are then clamped and measured (LxWxH). A vacuum attachment positions itself at the center of the carton’s side wall. The carton is then tilted back to alleviate any pressure on the carton wall, and the vacuum attaches itself to the carton, further reducing interior pressure on the side wall. Finally, a round blade begins to cut or perforate to the pre-defined cutting depth and size.

After the window has been cut, it is removed by the vacuum attachment. Should the window be perforated rather than cut, it will then be removed by hand (without any tools) at a later point. The carton is then tipped back to a vertical position and transported out of the system.

Should a carton come into the system which is not suitable for a Window Cut, it will be identified beforehand by a defect recognition system and diverted out.


The system is capable of opening a random series of packages varying in size from 200 x 200 x 200 mm to 600 x 600 x 400 mm five times faster than if they were opened manually.


Through the use of a standardized conveyor system, the BOS Box Opener can be integrated into any existing supply line of depalletizers, box-checking systems, picking robots, etc.

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