BOS Videos

ALS is the exclusive manufacturer of patented, fully-automated box openers. The system have been created for the following fields of application: Incoming Goods – Returns – Picking – Shipping Optimization.

Using its state-of-the-art blades and perforation technology, the BOS can open up to 600 cartons an hour.

In addition, ALS also delivers corresponding systems such as barcode scanners, volume measuring systems, checkweighers, defect recognition, depalitizers, elevators, picking / tilting / rotating robots.


ALS – BOS Box Opener in the midst of a chaotic incoming goods department

Chaotic receiving department – cut type “Complete” – carton thickness between 5-7 millimeters – capacity: 600 cases/hour



This video shows BOS cutting open different-sized boxes in random order using the “hinge cut.” With this cut, one side remains attached, allowing the carton to flipped open without losing the lid, which often includes the shipping documents for the goods.


This video shows how liners and bags inside the boxes remain unharmed due to the precision of the cutting system. BOS automatic box openers are a product of the ALS Automatic Logistic Solutions GmbH in Germany.


Even when opening “round” packages, the protective bag around the clothing inside remains unharmed. A demonstration of the BOS automatic box opener by ALS Automatic Logistic Solutions.


Boxes can also be perforated instead of cut, allowing them to be opened by hand without any tools later. This ensures the goods within remain protected until removal. The goods therein nor the box lid will never be sliced.

This video shows Zalando boxes being opened by the BOS automatic box opener without damaging the goods.

The BOS Box Opening System opening boxes from the returns department. Some of the boxes have been sealed with wet adhesive tap. BOS can process up to 600 boxes per hour with 8 adjustable cutting depths.

The BOS Box Opening System: round packaged textiles being opened by the PAM perforation blades. The goods remain undamaged, even when opening the package completely (fully opened lid).

The box opener system BOS now has 7 different types of cuts, i.a. the 3-fold tape cut shown here. The cutterhead cuts only the adhesive tapes so that the carton can be reused. First, a longitudinal cut is made on the top of the carton, whereby the cutter head takes account of dents and bulges and follows the course of the contour correspondingly low or high. Subsequently, after another measurement of the carton height, the adhesive tapes are cut on the two short sides.

The tapes are cut with 5 parallel blades so that the tabs can be lifted by hand, to provide the lowest possible resistance when lifting. The maximum capacity of BOS with 3-fold tape cut is 560 cartons / hour.