TOM for processing returns

TOM is the ideal box opener for processing incoming and returned goods.

The new TOM (Tape Only Method) automatic box openerThe new TOM (Tape Only Method) automatic box opener is made especially for boxes which have been taped along the top-side and are meant to be opened along this same line. Ideal for implementation in your returns department.

Using a multi-blade head,

opening boxes along the taped seal

opening boxes along the taped seal

The TOM Box Opener can quickly and efficiently open packages along the top side without damaging the products within. TOM can process boxes measuring between 160 x 140 x 100 mm and 600 x 600 x 500 mm in size and can be configured three different ways to meet your processing needs.


The TOM Automatic Box Opening System comes in 3 different models

automatic box opener hight sensors

The TOM height sensor


Model M is designed to process similarly-sized boxes (length, width, height), meaning that the system has to be manually preconfigured for each box size. Should you need to process another box size, the system must be manually reconfigured beforehand.


Model H is designed to process boxes with the same base size (length and width), but the height can vary from box to box. While the width of the conveyor system is fixed, the height is automatically measured and the blades adjusted on a box-by-box basis. Should you need to process a box with a different base size, this will need to be manually adjusted beforehand.




Model HW can process more chaotic receiving lines, meaning every box’s width and height will be automatically measured. The conveyor system is then automatically adjusted for each box to match its width and the cutting blades adjust to the appropriate height before processing.


automatic box opener cutting blades

The underside of the blade head