Do you need your boxes opened from the top to remove the goods within? Then JILL is the solution for you.

JILL can perform a single lid-cut by which both long top-flaps are cut off. It can also perform a double lid-cut by which both the long flaps and the shorter lid-flaps are removed. In both cases, the stability of the remaining box is preserved, as the corners and edges are not removed.

Key Features

JILL is capable of quickly and efficiently processing a random series of unsorted boxes of varying sizes. Using this method, the goods within can be transported from the receiving station to the warehouse without concerns of losing the goods within.


JLL is especially useful in the processing of garments such as down jackets or tshirts, but also for small items packed in bulk (e.g. pacifiers, bottlecaps, etc.)

Double lid-cut

Single lid-cut

The system can be adjusted to fit a customer’s individual box-sizes. The minimum size, however, is 160 x 140 x 100 mm (LxWxH). The JILL System uses the PAM patented blades to cut the longer top-flaps and the OZI specialty blades to remove the bottom flaps. The cost-savings when compared to a manual worker are between 80%-90%.