BOS Incoming Goods and Returns

BOS frontal Kopie 2


The BOS Automatic Box Opening System can open up to 600 pieces an hour, depending on the cutting on the cutting technique and the package type. That can amount to up to 14,000 pieces per day.


In comparison to manual laborers, machines do not require breaks and do not exhaust after long hours of work. They are also not susceptible to injury or illness and require no vacations or sick leave.


The Complete Cut separates the lid of the box completely.

For operations where boxes must often initially remain closed for further transport, the Partial Cut is ideal. With this method, the blades cut along the four sides but leave a small amount of the carton uncut in each corner. This ensures the goods inside remain protected until the lid is (easily) removed later.

With the Hinge Cut three sides of the box are cut open completely, leaving the fourth side closed to act as a hinge. This cut ensures that the box is easily and readily opened while keeping shipping documents intact, which are often attached to the box lid.

The Tape Cut cuts along the tape on the top edges of collapsible boxes.



Complete Cut


Partial Cut



Tape Cut


Hinge Cut


The BOS system can randomly process boxes measuring between (L x W x H) 160 x 140 x 120 mm and 600 x 600 x 400 mm. Presorting is completely unnecessary, as the BOS system measures them automatically. Boxes are transported one-at-a-time by conveyor system into the BOS Box Opener.

Once inside, they are locked in. Sensors then measure the box height to gauge where to begin the cut. The sensors then follow the cutting process to determine when the process is complete. As soon as a box has been opened, it is immediately sent away from the cutting area and the next carton enters.

Through the use of a standardized conveyor system, the BOS Box Opener can be integrated into any existing supply line of depalletizers, box-checking systems, picking robots, etc.


The BOS blades are capable of continuously adjusting their cutting depth from 4 – 11mm, ensuring that the goods inside are never damaged. As the machine can (optionally) be outfitted with a magazine of four such blade heads (each with four individual blades), it is possible to pre-configure a number of different cutting depths for various types of cardboard. The operator can they choose the appropriate tool on the control panel.