BOS for Outgoing Goods

The BOS Automatic Box Opening System can open up to 600 pieces an hour, depending on the cutting on the cutting technique and the package type.


The BOS system was developed to quickly open large quantities of cartons / packages – up to 600 cartons per hour. For this purpose, it can open boxes in four different ways: a Complete Cut, Partial Cut, Hinge Cut, and a Tape Cut. The type of cut can be easily selected via the control panel, and then implemented for your outgoing goods as well.


The Complete Cut – known as the Height Cut for outgoing goods – and the Vertical Cut are able to cut cartons into a format desirable for packing and sealing boxes. With this system, you are able to optimize box volume and space for shipping. And it does so using the same blade heads used for the receiving lines.


Height Cut


Vertical Cut


The already picked boxes are transported to the BOS cutting station where they are cut as desired:

With the Complete Cut, the boxes are cut at a safe level above the fill-line for the goods.

With the Vertical Cut, incisions are made at all four corners of the box at the desired height. Again, this is performed a safe level away from the fill-line for the goods.

The boxes are then transported out of the BOS system and can be sealed at another stage in the production chain.

IMPORTANT: As the BOS system individually measures every carton, it is able to process even the most chaotic stream of incoming cartons. The standardized conveyor system also ensures that the BOS system can be easily integrated into existing transport lines, including packaging machines, palletizers, robots, etc.


By optimizing box sizes before they go out, your company will be able to reduce the amount of necessary freight space, allowing for considerable reductions in transport costs.