To better help you with your questions about our BOS Automatic Box Opening System, we at ALS have prepared this list of the most commonly asked questions along with our answers.

Can the BOS system also process chaotic lines of boxes

Yes. Every box is individually measured as it enters the BOS cutting area, allowing each box to be individually evaluated for the right cut. This alone sets BOS apart from all other packaging machines. The fact that it can also be implemented in your outgoing goods lines to help reduce your outgoing volume is one-of-a-kind.

What types of cuts can BOS make?

Complete, Partial, Hinge, Tape, Lid, Level, and Vertical cuts.

Which types of blades can be used with the BOS system?

ALS delivers triangular blades, our patented PAM perforation blade, and special blades for the Tape Cut.

How is the cutting depth set?

This is set manually on the blade head. We recommend outfitting your machine with multiple blade heads (up to 4) to ensure you are always cutting at the desired depth.

How can I integrate BOS into a central ERP system?

BOS is outfitted with Siemens SPS 7 software and an optional VPN Card, which is compatible with most ERP systems.

What additional products does ALS offer?

We offer all products relevant to both upstream and downstream supply chains. This includes depalletizers, carton checking and measuring systems, picking and dumping robots, elevators, sealing systems, empty carton disposal systems, etc.

Can a BOS machine be regularly moved around?

BOS machines can be put on rollers and pushed around. In this case, please remember to pull out and secure the power cable beforehand.

How do I clean a BOS machine?

We recommend regularly using an air compressor or vacuum cleaner to clear away the cardboard debris left over from the cutting process.

What sort of maintenance needs to be done?

BOS machines are relatively maintenance free. Regardless, ALS does offer a maintenance contract which provides for an annual system inspection.

What sort of support does ALS guarantee?

ALS offers all-day support. If you have a VPN card in your BOS machine, errors are analyzed online and, if possible, dealt with remotely. In other cases, we offer telephone support and can also arrange for a service representative to come directly to you.

Why do cartons need to have a minimum size of 160 x 140 x 110 mm?

The cartons are held on both sides with clamps. These clamps are approx. 5 cm high. Also, the blades are not located on the lower edge of the blade head but in the middle. This means the blade head protrudes approx. 6 cm out from there. Together, this adds up to approx. 11 cm. Take into account that one of the cutting techniques cuts approx. 1 cm below the top edge of the box, and you have a minimum size of 11 cm.

 How does BOS recognize where one carton ends and the next one begins?

The boxes are transported into the system via a rolling conveyor. The rollers are set to have varying speeds, which ensures that the cartons separate from each other during transport, yet can still be processed with only 5 cm (2 in) of distance between each other.

What is the total weight and size of the BOS machine?

BOS machines weigh approx. 950 kg (2100 lbs) and take up approx. 4 square meters (43 square feet).

How much energy does a BOS machine use?

The machine is equipped with a 16a plug, which should theoretically use 4.4 kilowatts of energy. That means when the machine runs at full capacity for 1 hour, it will require 4.4 kilowatt hours. Since it is highly irregular for all drive trains to be running at once, we would consider it safe to estimate max usage to be about 1/3 of that, meaning approx. 1.5 kilowatt hours.

Can the BOS machine (version 2.0, if applicable) automatically recognize the cardboard thickness and independently adjust the cutting depth?

As of now it is not technically possible to gauge the cardboard thickness of a lineup of goods. We are, however, working together with a partner to solve this problem .As soon as we find a solution, retrofitting for existing systems will also be made available. The cutting depth can be automatically controlled (switching out the blade heads) using the Siemens SPS 7 software, and our current models come with this already on board.

Can the 4 blades of one blade head be individually set to different cutting depths?

We recommend setting each blade head to a different cutting depth. Should you need to cut at a different depth, then the blade head should be changed.

How long do the blades hold before they need to be changed out?

In our experience, the life of a blade depends on many factors, including cardboard thickness, quality of the cardboard, type of tape used, and the cutting technique. Depending on the your daily volume, a blade can last anywhere from a number of days to a number of weeks.

Can the system also open beat up, bent, and dented packages?

With the help of an optional upstream defect recognition system, any boxes that cannot be processed can be sorted out beforehand.

Do you also have a solution to sort out cartons that don’t work with the BOS machine?

We do have optional solutions which can sort out boxes that are too small, too big, too beat up, etc. Packages with metal straps, however, should not be fed onto the BOS conveyor at all.