BOS box opener overview

Ihr Partner für Öffnungs- und Verpackungslösungen.

Target Group: Companies dealing with large numbers of packages each day, such as shipping, wholesale, fulfillment, along with clothing, health, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical companies.

Solution: The BOS system automatically opens packages coming through receiving and return lines. It is also capable of optimizing the outgoing good lines without ever damaging the goods within.

Process: The package is transported into the cutting area and is locked into place. Sensors then measure the package and the box is cut according to the style of cut selected. Once the cutting is complete, the packet is transported out of the system.


The BOS system is equipped with blades made to perform various cuts

  • Complete Cut – the lid of the box is cut off completely
  • Partial Cut – the side edges of the box are cut, but the corners remain intact
  • Hinge Cut – three sides of the lid are cut
  • Tape Cut- the tape on the top edges of the box are cut through
  • Lid Cut – perforations are made around the lid


Ihr Partner für Öffnungs- und Verpackungslösungen.

Hinge Cut















  • Height Cut – the cut is made at a certain height
  • Vertical Cut – incisions are made at all four corner
Ihr Partner für Öffnungs- und Verpackungslösungen.

Height Cut







Tabla US.001

Advantages / Uses:

  • 75% cost savings
  • cost (in cents) to open a single package: manual 12.2 cents – mechanically 2.9 cents
  • + no danger of injury or staff shortages
  • + no damaged goods due to cutting accidents
  • + “Made in Germany” – all parts made by German manufacturers – low maintenance
  • + Considerable reduction in physical stress for employees and time stress for managers
  • + Capable of being integrated into any intralogistic system
  • + Upon request: delivery of depalletizers, carton checking systems, barcode scanners, etc.


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