The ANGI system was conceived with the picking line in mind, especially when the goods need to be picked from both the top and from the side of the box.

Using this system, both a piece of the lid and a section of the side are cut out at an angle, allowing easy access to the goods within.

In this case, the boxes can be either completely cut or only perforated. The perforation method is ideal should the boxes need to be transported further before being picked. The perforated section can then be easily removed per hand without the use of additional tools.

Angular cut

Box Size

The system can be adjusted to fit a customer’s individual box-sizes. The minimum size, however, is 160 x 140 x 100 mm (LxWxH).

Key Features

ANGI is capable of quickly and efficiently processing a random series of unsorted boxes of varying sizes. Every box is individually measured before processing. The cost-savings when compared to a manual laborer are between 80%-90%.