JUPI – A Semi-automatic machine

The semi-automatic machine JUPI is developed for small and medium-sized enterprises in the areas incoming goods and returns processing.


Cartons per shift ca. 1.500 pieces
Cycle time 8 sec / carton
Cartons dimensions (L x W x H in mm):

Model 444
min 160 x 140 x 90 / max 400 x 400 x 400

Model 654 min
200 x 200 x 200 / max 600 x 500 x 420

Carton weight ca. 1 – 30 kg
Cutting type hinge cut


Opening process

The carton is fed laterally, the cutting system lowered onto the carton and the cutting process triggered for a hinge cut.


3 electrically driven cutting bars with 3 knife heads
Voltage 220 V / 50 Hz / no need for pneumatics or vacuum
Work height from 80 up to 90 cm
Size model 444: ca. 1 m² model 654: ca. 1,4 m²
Weight ca. 150 kg
Volume below 70 db(A)

Basic configuration

worktop with balls including 2 fixed stops to fix the cartons


  • lowerable stoppers in conveying direction instead of fixed stop
  • lowerable stoppers and driven conveyor rollers for the automatic transport oft he cartons instead of a worktop with balls
  • conveyers can be delivered in any length to feed and remove cartons

Comparison (man against machine): 1 : 3
Amortization: below 24 months

Patent: registered


The system has been developed for cutting dry corrugated board. Unsuitable are plastics, foils, rubber, wood, glass, metal, textiles, leather, etc. – these materials do not include the warranty.