ZAR Box Opener

The ZAR Automatic Box Opener is ideal for making side cuts and was created with the opening of smaller boxes in mind (e.g. samples, Maxibriefs, etc.).


ZAR Overview

ZAR – Man vs Machine

The ZAR has been available since just after the FachPack 2015 Fair in Nuernberg, where its “Big Brother” the TOM Box Opener was debuted.

These two products complete the range of standardized Box Opening Systems from ALS GmbH. ALS is an established player in the production of specialized box opening systems for incoming and outgoing goods, picking, and shipping optimization.

The ZAR Automatic Box Opener is ideal for implementation in the textiles sector.

The ZAR Box Opening System can quickly and efficiently open a random series of unsorted boxes ranging from 160 x 140 x 50 mm (LxWxH) to 800 x 600 x 500 mm in size. It uses a blade to make a sidelong cut along the box without damaging the products within. The ZAR is capable of processing up to 900 boxes per hour.

This box is being cut along the upper edge.

The opening of boxes without damaging the goods inside is becoming a critical issue in cost and time reduction measures. Together with its big brother TOM, the ZAR completes the spectrum of processes and methods for opening boxes in the processing of incoming/outgoing goods.

While TOM opens boxes along the taped seam on the top side of the box, ZAR is able to open them on the side. Along the chain, ZAR can make a single sidelong cut. With boxes measuring 50+ mm in height, it can make the cut on both sides.

ZAR Overview